CtT - Voor al die in-je-kop zittende liedjes!


Sabine Bos kreeg inspiratie en postte het volgende:

This site is dolphin safe, contains no cholesterol, is high in fiber and not for the faint of heart. Pull the bar down until it locks firmly in place, in case of emergency break glass, buckle up, lock down, these views do not necessarily represent the views of the management of this web site or its advertisers, exits are located at the front and rear of the building to either the right or left. This is a test of the emergency broadcast system, the surgeon general has found that quitting smoking decreases the risk of heart disease, tastes great, less filling. [naam] may cause heart murmurs, liver failure, urinary tract infections, hearing loss, kidney disease, skin cancer, brain tumors, genital herpes, head lice, tooth decay, memory loss, gout, shingles, rickets, gas with oily discharge (anal leakage), frequent bowel movements, and the inability to simultaneously walk and chew gum.


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